DDR - Pen Drive Recovery

DDR - Pen Drive Recovery 6.1

Recover lost data and files from USB devices with this program

Pen drives and USB memory cards are widely used for data storage, but they can be formatted or the data deleted very easily. This program lets you scan your USB storage device and detect if there are recoverable data.

The application has three different functions. The first one is Basic search which, as its name implies, performs a quick scan of your device and detects the most common file types that may have been deleted. The second feature is a deeper and more comprehensive scan and thus, it can recover data even from formatted units. For this reason, the time required by this feature is longer than the previous one.

The third feature uses a signature algorithm to search lost or deleted files regardless the file system structure of your device. This is the most comprehensive search function and may take longer than the previous two. Obviously, the total time required by any of these functions depends on the storage capability of your USB device.

After using the program, I found that its search capabilities are rather good; I found files I have deleted long ago. Nevertheless, I couldn’t recover any of them due to the limitations of the demo version. It performs all three types of scans, but the recovery function is disabled. To get rid of this limitation, you will need to buy a license, which is not very affordable.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Useful
  • Performs three levels of scanning


  • Not very affordable
  • Cloud storage may cause that USB drives become obsolete
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